Points, Points Baby

What in the world does that mean? I have mentioned before that most of my travel is based on points- credit card points is what we’re referring to. Don’t freak out! I want you to travel for “free” and not be in debt, and it is completely possible while still having excellent credit (ask my banker). Well let’s start with the basics- not all points are created equal. Not all points are created equal! That’s something I didn’t know, and wish I would have because there are several ways to “play the game”, and if you don’t start off right you can set yourself back. The next important thing to know is to keep it within your means. I personally can’t spend 20K on a card a month so take it slow and have fun with it. More to come on individual points and what to do first later.

I personally screwed up royally! My husband and I were rookies and were enticed by the Hilton branded cards sign up bonus. (Think: not all points are created equal) and opened the old Surpass Card at 100k. Sounds cool right? Nope. You can maybe get two nights at a Hampton Inn- no offense Hampton or Hilton but seriously the value of Hilton points is sad in comparison. There are diamonds in the rough, such as some of the high end properties in Thailand that are worth it but overall it’s not a good place to start. Just to clear the air though it is still a card I carry because of it’s benefits but I would never recommended it based on points. We also were the victims of a timeshare presentation and bought in… for a moment. Can we say hallelujah for grace periods??! We cancelled and thought things through for a minute and figured there has to be a better way to secure travel that isn’t astronomical. Well we found it- and I want to share that with you over the next few posts.


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