Instagram Awakening

I recently started an instagram account dedicated to all my travels! Woot woot! (

I have loved following some of the big names in travel influencing/blogging and seeing their posts and getting inspiration for my own trips. It dawned on me that maybe there are others like me with something to share, but probably not on the scale they do. I was pretty afraid to take the leap, because no one likes rejection or logging in to see that they only have 3 followers (thanks mom and my BFFs). Finally, a dear friend told me it could be something iโ€™d be good at- or at the very least enjoy just because…. so I did it! I can tell you it wasnโ€™t as painful as I thought it was going to be; and I actually had a pretty positive response from all over the world. I definitely friended some random people who followed me and ended up gathering a couple hundred legitimate followers in the matter of a few days. Who knew?! I am excited to see where this goes, but iโ€™m glad to know that at the root of all this itโ€™s for me. My goals with it are to continue to travel and gain some more collaborations along the way. If not, I will have a blast showcasing what Iโ€™ve accomplished with my traveling and continue to be inspired.

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