Hiking Devil’s Pulpit (Finnich Glen)

If you’ve ever seen Outlander or Detective Pikachu, you’ve likely seen the scenic Finnich Glen aka Devils Pulpit. This picturesque place is full of every shade of green and ice cold water. The beauty is breathtaking and is right on par with what you expect of the Scottish countryside.

The hike down is short, but a little slick as you need to navigate wet stairs using a rope, whilst clearing some tree roots. It’s definitely doable but watch your step!

When you reach the bottom you’ll be rewarded with the most beautiful stream and surrounding outcrops of green hues. Make sure to hike around the top as there are several areas where you can see the surrounding Trossachs and open fields.

Just a short drive from Glasgow it’s definitely worth the side trip. Be sure to note the easier trail is on the southern most side if you walk down the road; it’s easier to spot versus crossing the open field near the parking spots.

View from parking area, walk to the side of the field and not through (trust me)

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